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Language Arts: Strong reading and writing skills are core to a child’s academic progress. Instruction focuses on developing reading comprehension as well as developing a life-long learning for reading. Our writing program helps students develop their writing proficiency through a comprehensive writing program. Students write in various genres including narrative and expository forms across the curriculum.  Our State Board Adopted Curriculum is Treasures .

Academic and English Language Development:  Strong language and communication skills are important.  Instruction in these areas takes place within the first 45 minutes of every school day.  Students learn how to proficiently use language skills based on grammatical and linguistic structures.  District Adopted Curriculum used is Making Meaning  & Systematic ELD .

Math: Using both directed and discovery methodologies, students gain proficiency in conceptual understanding, computational skills and problem solving as well as skills to develop strong mathematical and analytical reasoning.  Our State Board Adopted Curriculums are EnVision Math  & McDougall Littell .

Social Studies: Students learn to appreciate how we are connected to the rest of the world. They learn about human and environmental interactions.  Our State Board Adopted Curriculum is Pearson.

Science: Through investigation and experimentation, students learn physical science, life science, and earth science. Our State Board Adopted Curriculum is Pearson.  is

Visual and Performing Arts: The arts are taught as an integrated subject that is infused within core curricula including history, language arts, math and science. Students work to develop aesthetic appreciation as well as creative expression.

Physical Education: The child who is well educated physically is likely to be a healthy adult who is motivated to remain healthy. We focus on developing the healthy, physically active child who is more likely to be academically motivated, alert, and successful.

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