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Social Emotional Learning

Soul Shoppe 

Soul Shoppe brings connection to school communities. Soul Shoppe programs are designed to overcome the impact of isolation and boost academic performance, improve self regulation, increase emotional intelligence, enhance school culture and prevent bullying.

Accorindg to SoulShoppe, a major issue in school is social isolation of students: 

  • Students who experience bullying are at increased risk for poor school performance, school avoidance and dropping out.
  • Targets of bullying are more likely to experience physical symptoms, sleep difficulties, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.
  • There is a strong association between bullying and suicide-related behaviors.


One way that SoulShoppe combats social isolation and bullying is through training older students to serve as Peacemakers for a school year. At Lorin Eden, this means that Peacemakers are 4-6th grade students and work during recesses and in their classrooms to help students solve conflicts using a 'Peace Path.' Responsibilities of the Peacemakers include:

  • Making a year-long committment to the program
  • Attend approximately 6 hours of specific training in peaceful conflict resolution.
  • Maintain passing grades in their classes and complete any missed work due to trainings or duties

FEATURED Vision of Soul Shoppe Click here to watch a brief video about the purpose and vision of Soul Shoppe.  Click Here

Soul Shoppe at Lorin Eden

Soul Shoppe works with Lorin Eden students and staff in three primary ways. 

  1. Peacemakers - Roughly 30 4-6th grade students are trained each year to be Peacemakers. This involves multiple days of training at the beginning of the year along with follow up sessions throughout the year. Our teacher advisers are Ms. Sally and Ms. Scharfenkamp. 
  2. Class Workshops - Soul Shoppe teachers come to Lorin Eden to teach our students through workshop method 5 times each year. In these sessions students learn about emotions, expressing emotions healthily, and resolving conflict. See our collection of parent/guard letters to learn more about these workshops. 
  3. Staff Trainings - Every few years, our teaching and non-teaching staff receive training in conflict resolution and healthy emotional expression so that they can support students. 

Peacepaths are used by students to resolve conflicts with classmates. 

FEATURED Soul Shoppe in Action Click here to watch a video about student experiences with Soul Shoppe.  Click Here