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To report your child's absences, please call Mrs. Kathy Gehr at (510) 723-3855 ext. 9.  You may also e-mail her at

Attendance and participation in class is essential for students to learn and improve their achievement. Successful students in school usually have good attendance and school attendance is linked to a child's ability to graduate high school and read at grade level. As per California Education Code, the following are the only reasons that absences from school can be excused

  • Illness or quarantine (need a doctor's note if possible).
  • Medical, dental, or optometry appointments (all appointments should be made after school hours).
  • Attendance at funeral services for an immediate family member. 
  • Court appearances.
  • Approved Independent Study between 5-20 school days. This is only available once per year and must be approved by the princiapl at lesat 5 days before the trip. 

All other absences are UNEXCUSED.

If a child needs to be absent for medical reasons beyond 3 days, a medical note from a doctor is required.

Clearing Absences

A parent or guardian must clear all absences with the attendance clerk. Notifying teachers isn't enough. Please email, call or send a note. 

Tardy Procedures

Students are expected to arrive at school on time.  Students who are tardy to class interrupt instructional programs and the learning process for all students in the class.  Please be on time. Tardies are excused for medical purposes only and  a doctor's note must be brought to school for an excuse to be considered. Students more than 30 minutes late to school are considered as truant for the day. 

Students who are repeatedly absent or tardy (7 unexcused absences or tardies) to school will be referred to the school district's Child Welfare and Attendance Office.  This department reviews cases to proceed to the Alameda County District Attorney's office.


Truancy is a serious offense at Lorin Eden and will be dealt with strictly. Truancy means that students have unexcused absences. We cannot educate your students if they are not in school. Parents may be referred to the District Attorney for serious truancy offenses, which could result in fines and assignment of probation officers.

Early Student Pick-Up

Leaving Early

If you're picking up your child early from school, the only valid excuse is if your child has a medical or dental appointment.  You must bring a note from the doctor's office the following school day.

We understand that situations arise that may require you to pick up early,  but whenever possible please make appointments after school or on minimum days.